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Heyoooo, let's pop some (virtual) champagne! Either you're ready to book with me, which is SO RAD, or you've got a few questions we still need to cover

(also rad)! I feel so honored that you're considering me for the best day of your life. Not only do I want to serve you with photos that represent something so beautiful, I want you to be able to actually feel your day over and over. 

If my packages listed are a little too brief for your ideas- bring them on...seriously! I'm happy to customize. Send me all those precious little details so we can start planning for the best day ever!

Whether you're 100% ready to do this thang OR you just want to know more about what weddings look like with me, please fill out my wedding inquiry below! I promise it's not just another boring form. It'll help me get to know you and learn how I can HELP you. We're friends and I would do anything for ya. For real. 

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